Hungarian Sauna Association

The Hungarian Sauna Association is the professional organization of Hungarian sauna masters, a non-profit organization whose members are sauna masters as individuals.

In the last few years, there have been significant changes in sauna habits and sauna culture across Europe, including in Hungary. The sauna master, as a profession, developed very rapidly, and the number of sauna guests has increased exponentially as a result of significant professional events, and the habits of sauna have changed. The development of the profession and the dynamic expansion of demand have changed, among other things, the requirements for sauna building and the operating requirements for saunas, so new trends are becoming more and more relevant. Thus, new competencies have emerged that have become necessary due to changes and novelties. The Hungarian Sauna Association is a non-profit organization that combines and represents these competencies.

The Association is chaired by a 3-member presidency, who do not receive honorary fees and expenses. The Association has no employees. Members work together on a voluntary basis for common goals.

The Association actively participates in building the sauna master community, bringing together and representing the masters, and helping the professional development of the sauna master members.

At the same time, the Association wants to support and help the players of the Hungarian sauna culture, the baths, hotels, sauna builders and operators with its professional competence, domestic and international relations and knowledge base.

Hungarian Sauna Association

Garay utca 9. 2/29, Budapest
1076 Hungary

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